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DRN Mutfak is now serving in its factory that produces on a 2.500 m² indoor area which is equipped with the latest technology, manufacturing with CNC-controlled machines by combining stainless steel, chrome-nickel sheet, and domestic components to present its range of the finest commercial kitchen equipments at reasonable prices.

Quickstep to becoming a global brand helped to its growth in the short-term, as well as spreading Turkey’s prestige in the commercial kitchen industry worldwide. Exporting its products to 35 countries all over the world through its international representatives by producing various custom type of equipments that complies with the different kitchen cultures around the globe.

Aiming for continuous development with innovative products and compliance with international standards in all activities, progressing step by step to the goal of achieving domestic success in the world as well.


Leadership in Innovation: We develop new methods to improve our effectiveness in national and international market, evaluate opportunities, solve problems and work to achieve excellence.
Open to change, participant: We try new ideas, adapt to changes, and benefit from the experience and knowledge.
Continuous improvement: We give importance to research and development with the basis of customer pleasure. We always improve our goals by applying and tracking advanced technologies, educating our employees, supporting their individual and team works.


DRN Mutfak and its employees comply with all applicable national and international environmental laws and regulations; manufacture environmentally friendly products in line with environmental management system based on continuous improvement and sustainability principles.
We perform our activities to use energy and natural resources efficiently, inherit a climate change respected, clean and healthy environment to the new generations, minimize the adverse environmental impacts of products and production through product life cycle and raise environmental awareness of our employees and the society.